Good stories never die; they find new audiences.

hotrodpromo1 In 1950 Henry Gregor Felsen wrote Hot Rod. Sixty years later the book is destined to find new fans and to generate enthusiasm from Felsen enduring fan base. The new version features daughter Holly Felsen Welch's artful photos. Holly's photo genius pays tribute to the Chevy that the main character Bud Crayne drives and car collectors love.

In addition, Holly shares a personalized preface that tugs at the heart and reveals the tender journey republishing has been for her. As a former high school English teacher, I vividly recall how well-read this book was for decades. The themes are timeless; Felsen's prose fast paced and engaging. Stephen King once said that this book was significant in his decision to become a writer. A reread of his novel Christine includes a reference to Hot Rod. I strongly recommend this book for young adult readers and book collectors.

You can order your copy at Iowan Books.  

To read more about the author and the fan club that exists today: Henry Gregor Felsen