A reminder: capture the moments

At the dedication of his childhood home in Hope Arkansas, Bill Clinton's nuanced comments refer to how he came to focus on the stories other people told. Click here to read a brief article about his comments.

His remarks go to the core of what personal and oral historians do. We encourage ordinary folks to value their stories. Now is a perfect time to start a story capturing tradition. The Easter and Passover seasons are underway. Families and friends are gathering together. Keep the TV off and listen to the voices around you.

I've never been to a Passover Seder where a TV was blaring in the background or an Easter egg hunt when the kids would rather watch the TV. So, turn this into a life-catching opportunity. Record the festivities.

While mom in the kitchen cooking the traditional meal ask her to tell you why she serves what she does. Record the kids searching for Easter eggs and their joyful reactions to their loot. Ask Grandpa to talk about how springtime makes him feel. Guarantee it will be a rewarding activity that you'll want to repeat.