Radio Interview about saving family stories

I love my work! Great joy comes from encouraging others to capture their personal stories so that they may be shared. Equal joy occurs when I am invited to talk about the rewards that come from saving memories.

Recently, the State of Nevada show (KNPR, Las Vegas NPR affiliate) invited me and two people who I have assisted with their family and personal storytelling. One is a member of a life writing class I lead and the other is a son who created a book of photos and narrative to celebrate his mother's 80th birthday. Also on the show was Nikki Silva, one of the Kitchen Sisters from NPR fame.   This was all a precursor to the 2011 Association of Personal Historians Conference to be held in Las Vegas (Oct 16-20). 

Here is the link for your listening pleasure .

The program also included Karen Anderson who joined my first life writing class and Dr. Michael Thompson, who I assisted in creating a book to celebrate his mother's 80th birthday a few years ago. Also on the program was Nikki Silva, one of the Kitchen Sisters of NPR fame, who also was one of the gifted keynote speakers at the conference.