Meet me in St. Louis: 2012 APH Conference set

vegas_scouting_sept_2010_9For the past year, I served as the Program Chair for the 2011 Association of Personal Historians Conference. As it ended on Oct 20, I imagine myself as an air-depleted party balloon. Indeed the conference was over, the accumulation of efforts from many members and guest speakers who all are personal history enthusiasts. My special appreciation and acknowledgement of my "best friend forever" Paula Yost (with me in this photo), the APH Event Manager who expertly oversees conference details-who makes the event appear so seamless.

As I passed the Talking Stick to Mary Harrison, the 2012 Program Chair, I was proud. I am also excited to be looking forward to St. Louis, a tremendous venue for the next conference. Next October's conference will be a chance to learn, share and get energized through a network of APH members, plus an opportunity to visit the beautiful Mississippi River city that I so enjoy. As Thanksgiving approaches, I add the experience of the past year to my gratitude list. It is heartening to belong to a group of individuals and businesses devoted to giving memories a future.
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