The Caregiver Oral History Collection

Caregivers of the elderly are an amazing group of individuals. They make a difference in the lives they touch. Many caregivers are training to be LifeCatching Specialists and to record the recollections of their clients.
This interaction has also has inspired a new oral history initiative for me. It seemed natural for me to turn my recorder on my students, the caregivers, and to capture their reflections of caregiving as a career. During 2010, I will continue to add to this Caregivers Oral History Collection wherever I travel. Enjoy this sample. For more information, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
LifeCatching Conversations gives seniors a voice. Family stories and personal memories are as valuable as material assets.  Time and time again we hear this during LifeCatching™ Conversations with the elderly. Click here to view video clips from recent participants in LifeCatching’s Project Story Tree.
LifeCatching with Kris Crow. This video project casually catches a mother, who was attempting to downsize her memorabilia, as she sorts through all the stuff from her pageant competition days. Mom, Kris Crow, sat down with her daughter whose natural curiosity built the thread for this short feature. A small digital audio-recording device capture the conversation and a few snapshots were taken. Old cassette tapes of the mother’s clarinet performances were reformatted to digital and used as the opening music. Read more…
Teens recall the summer of 2008: an oral history.
LifeCatching sat down with the Iowa State Fair Queens to record what they were doing that summer: What are you listening to on your iPod? What book are you reading poolside? Who's your favorite celebrity? The one you are most tired of hearing about? Did you have a parttime job? 
Years from now they'll listen to the sound of their voice recapping that summer of yore and recall a cherished chapter of their lives -- the summer of 2008 and being a State Fair Queen contestant.
book_cover Iowa State Fair Queens - a memory book.
In August 2007 and 2008, LifeCatching followed the tradition of selecting the Fair Queen. 102 young ladies from all over the state compete to reign over the Iowa State Fair, the finest in the nation.
new_thompson_front Birthday celebration made more memorable.
Dr. Michael Thompson (Ann Arbor, MI) interviewed his mother, scanned his photos and turned them over to LifeCatching to create a memory book. At her 80th birthday party, he surprised his mother, Pat Thompson Woodworth (West Des Moines, IA) with the book recalling highlights of her life. After the celebration, photos of the birthday weekend were added and he ordered copies for family members as a Christmas gift.
tabach_namibia_cover_front Emails become the narrative of a volunteer's work in Namibia. Mom (Barbara Tabach) worried about communication with her daughter, Maggie, when she left to be a WorldTeach volunteer in Namibia. She knew letter writing was unlikely, but cherished the random emails she and her husband received. These were reformatted into word documents and provided the narrative for a book the preserves their daughter's photos, as well as their trip to visit her.