Kris Crow

For this video project, a mother was attempting to downsize her stored stuff. We suggested that before simply recycling some gowns from her pageant competition days that she tells the story of this Life Chapter. As mother Kris Crow sat down, her daughter became the natural interviewer. Her curiosity built the thread for this short feature. A small digital audio-recording device capture the sound and a few snapshots were taken. In addition, old cassette tapes of the mother's clarinet performances were reformatted to digital and used as opening music.

When Kris saw this, she wrote back: "Oh my gosh!   This is so fantastic!   I just watched the video.   I love the way you incorporated Zoey's interview and pictures.   And the music in the background...just makes my heart sing!"

By focusing on a segment of life such as a specific episode, life event, a hobby or pastime a story unfolds and is easy to share.

Back Story: The family recently moved cross-country. Seeking to minimize stuff before the move, certain memorabilia was resurrected and was simply too difficult to toss out. An inquisitive daughter, Zoey, wanted to know more about the box of pageant gowns and her mother's participation in the competitions. One evening, while rummaging through the artifacts of this brief period of her life, Zoey asked unscripted questions while a recorder was on. 

Editing: We wanted to create an under 5-minute rendition of this chapter. Kris selected a few pictures and artifacts from her scrapbook, which were then scanned. The addition of her clarinet playing tapes was a bonus. She now has her precious tapes save in digital format and backed up.  

Final product: A chapter of Kris's life has been saved and will be treasured for years to come. No matter what happens to the gowns or the memorabilia, she has a video, a recorded conversation that has been archived on Proejct Story Tree. It's a priceless memory of a conversation between a mother and her daughter talking about the value of a past experience.